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Discover Serengeti

Lately Kevin and me took the oportunity, to guide some of our guests to mSerengeti. Two different groups, one camera (Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000), two different points of view…Kevin joined Anke and Christopher, i followed one week later Maike, Sophia and Stefan (might also be Steffan 😉 ).

The interesting thing in that  is, Kevin has a totaly different way of shooting. But decide yourself, who is the star photographer….

Both tours where 2 nights in Thorn Tree Camp Seronera and on both trips we where lucky to see the first “marching groups” of great migration in the south!

This is typical Dirk style. Close ups with details, or waiting for a special moment



Kevin needs to catch the whole scene, you see the difference?


We are just hobby photographers, but annyway very proud that all our website pics and social media postings are “homemade”.

What about you? Interested in wildlife photography? What equipment do you use? A comment would be nice. See ya soon in Tanzania for your adventure!!

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