Milestones 1

Julie & Quentin, french Top Models??

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Milestones 1

Our Safari Car with two guests greeting from Ngorongoro Crater Rim

It was the restart after a long period of lockdowns. We suffered a lot, and so we where very much looking forward to the visit of Julie & Quentin from St. Etienne France!

From the beginning at Arusha Airport we felt the good vibes of those two, and so we had a very enjoyable tour together.

And that one day Julie had that ONE idea, and we took the “picture of the year 2021” which became a synonymy for Capture Tanzania !

Happy faces, big smiles, enjoyment made visual, that is this picture. We use it on all our channels and ads, in Arusha it is famous, also in a lot of travel groups on facebook.

It shows 100% what is our goal: To make you happy, cause this makes us happy!

Also we put a lot of effort in good marketing, espacially social media marketing, but this story shows: The very best marketing is happy guests! We really had a run after publishing the pics of this important tour!

We thank Julie & Quentin so much, for being our first guests after restart and for having so much fun with them. You showed us after a long period of suffering, what we missed that much, and you will stay a part of our history for a very long time, you have been a MILESTONE for us!!

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